5 CHAARG Girls Who Will Show You What Real Fitspiration Looks Like

When it comes to fitness, it can be hard to stick to a steady routine. From crazy schedules to lacking motivation, sometimes all you need is a little push. No, I’m not talking about a personal trainer. I’m talking about a little real-life motivation. If you surround yourself with great people, you’ll be on the right path to reaching your goals. I have these five ladies to thank for my everyday motivation, and with just one simple follow, they’ll have you feeling inspired too.

Every fitness enthusiast had to start somewhere, and they’ll attest to that. They might not know that they inspire the people they do, but somewhere behind a phone or computer screen, they are silently motivating people through a journey of their own. If I were to tell you that you’re only one click away from being a step further to your fitness journey, would you hit follow?

That’s the power of social media. We can surround ourselves, even if only virtually, with inspiring people who want us to be our best selves. Not because they are personally invested or because you’re paying them, but because they are real people who were most likely in exactly the same position as you.

What’s more influential than the power of social media? The power of positivity. Instead of logging into social media and becoming jealous or envious of the people you’re following, feel inspired by them and the progress that you’re seeing. Revamp your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook into your own personal feed of encouragement.

On top of following people like Kayla Itsines and Rachel Brathen, who are both undoubtedly inspiring, follow a few that have nothing to lose and are able to be fully and honestly committed to a healthy life. Real life fit chicks are the most inspiring because they have been and still are in the same position as you and aren’t afraid to reach out to make a new friend. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling positive and might even find yourself reaching for some new fitness goals thanks to these inspiring ladies.

1. @etavierne

Besides the fact that I [probably] have sun poisoning — life at the moment is preeeetty darn good. #RoseAllDay

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The founder of CHAARG, a fitness group that inspires girls to try new workouts, and a personal fitness enthusiast, this girl is fueled by positive energy. She’s helped so many girls reach their goals and brought thousands of fit chick together from her organization. I have her to thank for where I am on my fitness journey, and I can only imagine that you’ll find her just as inspiring as I do.

2. @almazzurco



Not only does this girl work her booty off for competitions and meeting her constantly changing goals, but she also has an awesome blog that answers questions that everyone is wondering. From how to start competition training to being honest and informative about her body changes, she’s always willing to talk to a fellow fit chick and provide some words of encouragement. Bonus points for her being so much fun to be around. Seriously, her positivity is contagious.

3. @thebusybee_



Also a blogger, this fit chick is where to go for mouth-watering food and a feed full of positivity. She’s on her way to becoming a registered dietician, so you know all of the recipes are on-point health wise. With eats and a few splurge-worthy treats, you’re missing out by not following her.

4. @jperryfitness



Every time I blink, this girl is getting certified in a new fitness class or coming up with another way to get encourage people to feel their best. At the ripe age of 22, she quit her corporate job to follow her passion of being her own Beachbody coach. Her lessons on personal development are always spot on, and she’s more than willing to bring people into her ever-expanding group of fitness enthusiasts.

5. @emzeegrace

Russian Twist. After an ab burnout.. You are the worst/best. #CHAARG #inCHAARG #fitfam

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A fit chick that went through her own drastic health and fitness transformation, she’s always willing to share her story and encourage others. She often shares what she’s up to in the gym, from running to weight lifting, and it’s impossible not to be inspired from her posts. Now if we could just get her to start a blog!

It may seem silly to follow people that you don’t know, but I promise that these fabulous ladies will have you feeling inspired in no time. Surround yourself with great people and your life will greatly improve. The life of your dreams is only a few clicks away.

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