Why #Goals Makes You Lazy Not Ambitious

With socialites like Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarez showing off their incredibly amazing pictures and videos of their adventures together, it is hard for the comment sections not to fill up with the phrase #goals, #lifegoals or even better #relationshipgoals.


This couple, along with many other Twitter and Instagram accounts, have been posting photos of gorgeous getaways, couples that spoil each other, mansions, cars, travel pictures, food porn, and so many more. The endless amount of times that we see these pictures, they are always filled with a #goals comment.

Everyone has lived vicariously through these pictures in one way or another, but that’s exactly the problem. Your goals shouldn’t involve staring at other people doing what you want to do or eating what you want to eat. Go out there and do something for yourself.

And I have a secret for you…you can do it.


But commenting on a picture #goals isn’t going to get you there. If these images are what you want to accomplish then stop staring at them on a screen and go out into the world and attempt it.

Find that extraordinarily delicious looking food you saw in a picture and eat it.


Get lost in adventures.


And be crazy, confident, stylish, brave, anything you believe a picture has that you don’t.


Our generation is so involved with social media that real adventures are lacking in our lives and we end up only dreaming about an image on a screen.

Sure, watching others experience awesome and amazing things through their videos is exciting and thrilling but taking the initiative to go out and live that kind of life for yourself is what will give you true excitement.

Stop commenting #goals on every picture you see of something you haven’t done and go out there and make it happen.

Featured Image via Jay Alvarrez.



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