44 Thoughts We’re Thinking When We Hit The Beach

It’s officially summer, and that means only one thing: time to hit the beach. Everyone loves having an excuse to be lazy in the sun all day (and if you don’t, you need to reevaluate your life), so we’re all familiar with the thoughts that run through our heads during a trip to the beach.

1. “Just gunna throw some sh*t in a bag real quick so I get there ASAP.”

2. “Am I actually going to read this book? Should I bring a magazine instead?”

3. “Screw it, I’m just going to nap and tan.”

4. “Do I really need a water bottle?” *brings 5 just in case*

5. “Wait, where are my snacks?!”

6. “Okay chips and pretzels packed. We’re good to go.”

7. “Oh sunscreen would be helpful.”

8. “SPF 100? Mom, do you WANT me to get tan at ALL?”

9. “There’s the SPF 30. That’s better.”

10. “How many towels are too many?”

11. “Grabbing my beach chair real quick…”

12. “AND WE’RE OFF!”

13. “JUST KIDDING. Traffic.”

14. “Ugh, why are we not. Moving. At. All.”

15. “Who are all of you? Where did you come from?”

16. *45 minutes later* “WE MAAADDEEE IT!”

17. “Good thing I don’t have a badge and have to pay $12 to sit on the sand…”

18. “Whatever, it’s worth it. I still have $8 to waste at the snack bar. Hot dogs > everything.”

19. “Aaaannnd there’s no place to sit.”

20. “Do you think I can fit in that teeny-tiny patch of sand?”

21. “Going for it. Watch out everyone, I’m coming through.”

22. “Just gotta make it through this obstacle course of umbrellas and small children’s sandcastles.”


24. “This is actually lava. My feet feel like their burnt to a crisp.”

25. “Awesome. Made it. Taking up as much space as possible.”

26. “Time to hit the ~*ocean*~”

27. “Whoa, that’s way colder than I expected.”

28. “Big wave, BIG WAVE.”

29. “And I have a wedgie. That’s attractive.”

30. “Fixed. And avoided a nip-slip. #win”

31. “What is touching my leg…WHAT IS TOUCHING MY LEG?”

32. “Oh it’s just seaweed, we’re good.”

33. “Alright, enough swimming. Time to tan.”

34. “Why hello cute lifeguard…time to seductively walk past him and get his attention.”

35. “Not even a glance. Cool.”

36. “And now legs are entirely covered in sand.”

37. “Whatever, I’ll just lay here and soak in the sun.”

38. *Post hour nap* “Oh…I’m pretty red.”

39. “Sh*t I totally forgot to put on sunscreen.”

40. “Better pick up some aloe on the way home!”

41. “I’m pretty hungry…good thing I brought snacks!”

42. “Just kidding, I ate them while I sat in traffic.”

43. “Guess it’s time to go home. And inevitably bring a bucket’s worth of sand into my car.”

44. “It’s so worth it though. I love the beach.”

Rock on beach beauties! Bum it all summer long.

Featured image via Rebeca Gonçalves on Pexels


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