Love Has No Color: Screw the Societal Norm

Published by Nikeita Hoyte.

Have you ever felt like you were the black sheep? You know, the odd man out? Especially because you made decisions that went against what your family, friends or even what society thinks “should” be normal? What is normal anyway? Screw everybody else’s opinion and do what you want. It’s YOUR life, not theirs.

Maybe you’ve seen a black guy and a white girl together, and you’ve heard a sly comment from someone along the lines of “She’s white, why is she taking our black man away from us?” First things first, that’s not your man. You do not own him. He is not property. Maybe you’ve seen a person of Hispanic descent with someone who’s Asian, and the first thought in your head is “So rice and beans taste good with Sesame Chicken?” Interracial dating is happening ladies and gentlemen. Quit being receptive to change and broaden your mindset.

So why is interracial dating in college so frowned upon? It’s absolutely ignorant that a black man can’t date a white woman without black women getting so uptight about it and saying “Oh, so he’s leaving a sista for a snow bunny?” Have you ever thought about maybe he’s dating her because he likes her personality, or he just really loves the way she makes him feel?

Or maybe your significant other is black, and you bring them home to your parents who are super conservative, and do everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, by the book. So you decide to bring them home without warning. The first thing to come out of your grandma’s mouth is “Oh, he/she is Black?” whilst sipping away at Texas Moonshine and giving them the death glare. Way to go grandma, you just made them feel super uncomfortable. It’s already bad enough our parents are so behind the times with things that make society feel uncomfortable, but when it comes to you and your life, it shouldn’t matter.

It’s still not clear to me why anybody should give a damn about the skin color of someone else’s partner. All that really matters in a relationship is that the monogamous couple, or polygamous (if you’re into that sort of thing), are happy with each other. They should never feel embarrassed or ashamed to walk into the library or into a coffee shop because people are going to stare at them funny because they’re with the person they love.

Screw conforming to societal norms; society’s views hurt us all. Society itself needs to find happiness. Be with who you want to be with regardless of gender, race, and if your friends and family agree to it. It’s your happiness that matters, not theirs.

Featured image courtesy of Yugank Singhal


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